The Victorian Period of the late 1800's and early 1900's  is known for elegant and very ladylike clothing.  Many wardrobes since the Victorian Period have included the modest and frilly blouses and dresses that are the hallmark of this period.  Victorians had well defined rules on how to behave, standards of etiquette and female dress was very womanly.  Elegant, modest and feminine, that is Victorian.








The transition from Romantic to Victorian society;  Queen Victoria's accession. The emergence of new conditions and new social classes.  The importance of the railway network on ordinary lives and improved communications.  Vintage by Judith will take you back into time with period costumes of the era.








But, you can also re-enter the world of Charles Dickens with a Victorian Christmas Caroler costume.  We have women's and men's costumes, capes, cloaks, hand muffs, and hats.  Perhaps a Sherlock Holmes coat, cape, and hat costume or a Jack the Ripper costume.  The Victorian period had many faces of ladies and gentlemen while the less desirables were lurking in the back streets of London!








This is a German Officer and Dance Hall Girl costume.  Throughout history  women of the evening are featured playing staring or supporting roles.  Vintage by Judith has Moulin Rouge and Dancehall Girl Costumes to complement the woman who wants to show her edgy side at the next costume party she attends.








For those of us who wish to return to a gentler and more romantic time, a large selection of Victorian Period Dresses for women as well as Victorian costumes for men and children.  Great ideas
for Halloween, theme parties, couples, groups,
or Theatrical Companies.




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